LOGO 600 Carbon-Fiber Chassis
LOGO 600 Carbon-Fiber Chassis

LOGO 600 Carbon-Fiber Chassis




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This frame kit features carbon-fiber sideframes with anodized cnc aluminum parts merged in a truly unique fashion. The frame is offered as a complete set for use with an existing LOGO 600.
It is an essential "must-have" for those pilots looking to equally combine form and function with the LOGO's unparalleled design.   

CFK Chassis Highlights;

  • Carbon/Aluminium Chassis - highest stiffness and rigidity
  • Black-andodized alu parts with unique surface
  • Third bearing for rotor shaft
  • Counterbearing for 6mm motor shaft
  • Heat sink for speed controller
  • Motor plates (30mm) with large cooling surface
  • Larger battery area than plastic frame (hight 65 mm x width 62mm)
  • weight 725g
  • Pre-assembled frame
  • Tail boom holder 25mm  

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