Falera sunglasses

Finished in an attractive crystalised brown, the Falera are stylish, attractive, lightweight and highly practical sunglasses for sports and leisure use. Anti-fog lenses.




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Finished in an attractive crystalised beige colour, the unisex Falera sunglasses from Rapid Eyewear's Alpine collection are sure to turn heads on the piste - or anywhere else you choose to wear them!

However, the Falera's fashionable look is but one feature of these versatile sunglasses. Not so obvious is the lens technology that makes Falera perfect not only for winter sports, but also general sport and leisure usage. Rapid Eyewear's Frostech technology has been utilised to give the Falera an anti-fog capability, whilst the mirror-tint lens ensures superb levels of anti-glare - important when you're on the snowy slopes, the tennis court or even lounging on the beach. By filtering blue light, Falera improve the definition and contrast of objects and terrain in your vision.


Like all good quality sport sunglasses, the Falera frame has a slight flex that enables them to fit comfortably around most sizes of head without pinching and yet, they won't feel like they are about to fall off, either. The frame is made from TR90, an incredibly strong material that's superior to polycarbonate, and will ensure the glasses cannot shatter in the event of an accident. Rubber nose pads enhance comfort levels.


Frostech technology brings anti-fogging and anti-glare capabilities to the Falera sunglasses. The lenses have been de-centred, to balance up your vision (which would otherwise be distorted due to the curvature of the lens).
The Falera is fitted with Category 3 lenses, a tint that can best be described as a 'standard' level of light filtering. Thanks to their high-quality optics, you will enjoy excellent contrast and clarity in your vision.

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Rapid Eyewear sunglasses conform to the new ISO 12311 and 12312 standards for sunglasses and protective equipment testing. This standard has now replaced EN1836 in the European Union. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection.


Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert skiier, unless you intend to go whizzing down the slopes like an Olympian, there's no need to buy a pair of goggles to go with your Falera. Simply add the head strap, included as standard, tighten it up to fit your head and off you go. The high-quality nylon strap makes a tight push-fit onto the side arms, and won't slip off once you have it adjusted correctly on your head. The fit can be altered easily by simply placing your hand around the back of your head and pulling the toggle until it feels right.


Each pair of Falera comes with a microfibre carry pouch as standard. The pouch, which has draw-strings, doubles as a lint-free cleaning cloth.

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